Keep Your Vehicle Clean With Our Car, Van, and Truck Cleaning Products


Keeping your car looking great takes a lot of time and effort! However, depending on how deep you need to clean your vehicle, good old soap and water might not always be enough. Have you thought about looking into specialist car cleaning products?

SuperFluids offers a fantastic range of car shampoo, car wax and more besides. Struggling to keep the inside of your vehicle as clean as the outside? Why not invest in a car interior cleaning kit?

For cleaning, polishing and just keeping things nice and tidy, we have all the best products and kits you’ll need to look great on the road. Why let your vehicle go to seed?


Cleaning Up Your Car

The best products for cleaning your car should – of course – always start with a great brand in car shampoo. SuperFluids offers specialist shampoo and other car cleaning products to help add an effortless shine to your four-wheeled friend. From bonnets to bumpers and wheel trims to mirrors, you’re going to need the best care for the best sheen.

After years of splashing soapy water around, are you tired of spending hours scrubbing deep into your windscreen? It’s time to check out our brilliant car cleaning kit range.


That Added Polish

Of course, cleaning your car and drying it off is only half the battle! For it to look truly amazing, you’re going to need a good polish-down. SuperFluids offers car polish and car wax specifically formulated for modern vehicles.

Rather than buying cheaply-made wax or polish that’s not even made for cars, you should always look for specialist care. If you really want to get the best out of your car, you could invest in products such as our crystal clear glass cleaner. This way, you can always take to the road with confidence.


Clean Inside and Out

Of course, you should always take care of the inside of your car, too! Looking for car interior cleaning support? For leather seats and interiors, you could try our fantastic leather cleaner and leather feeder lines. Both will help to get the best out of your seating for years to come.

You should also take care of your engine, too! Why not invest in an affordable engine degreaser? Your car is going to need to keep fit and healthy to get you from A to B. Don’t always focus on the outer shell!


Is Cleaning and Maintaining a Car Difficult?

Not at all! With the best car polishing kit services, car shampoos and more besides, you will be more than equipped to easily ensure your vehicle looks fantastic from drive to drive. SuperFluids’ brilliant range of car cleaning products are affordable, well-loved, and do far more good than a wet cloth and a bit of old towel!

Want to know more? Shop our full range or call the SuperFluids team now on 07762 024458. We’ll help get your vehicle looking and driving great in no time.