Protect Against COVID-19 With Our Disinfectants and Cleaning Fluids


The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be challenging for everyone in the UK. Faced with a new, invisible threat, homes and businesses are looking for new ways to make sure that they keep things clean, safe, and healthy. Of course, the best course of action is to make sure you have the best cleaning fluids and disinfectants available.

SuperFluids has set up a fantastic range of antibacterial soaps, liquids, gels, and detergents for everyday use. From soap for washing hands to wipes for cleaning down surfaces, we are regularly restocking our COVID-19 supplies to ensure you have access to the best form of attack against the virus.

Make sure to protect your home against the spread of bacteria with our wide range of disinfectants, cleaning chemicals and sanitisers.


Washing Your Hands

During the pandemic, washing your hands regularly is vital. This will help to stop the spread of deadly viruses throughout your home. However, when it is not always convenient to reach soap and water, it is a good idea to have an alternative hand sanitiser ready.

SuperFluids provides a leading 70% alcohol hand sanitising gel, and an 80% alcohol surface and hand sanitising spray. Both products are proven to combat even the most resilient of viruses. Alcohol and soap are great for removing the protective layer that allows bugs, bacteria, and viruses to persist.

Therefore, if you are nowhere near a tap or soap, it makes sense to have spray or gel to hand for disinfecting your hands on the go. When you’re at the sink, however, take advantage of our brilliant antibacterial hand soap, available up to 25L.


Disinfecting Your Home with the Best Cleaning Fluids

As COVID-19 is invisible, it’s hard to know where it may be lurking. If you are locking down and self-isolating, the risk is naturally going to be much lower. However, it is always a good idea to sanitise and disinfect surfaces that people come into contact with regularly.

SuperFluids stocks our unique COVID-19 Bac 5 Terminal Disinfectant in a 25L bottle. Used to dilute, this disinfectant will ensure that your surfaces are clean and protected against any hidden threats. You may also benefit from our BS 1276 antibac surface wipe detergent, and our floral disinfectant cleaning fluids in triple strength.

When all else fails, you may wish to fall back on 80% alcohol wipes for ease of cleaning, and our 80% alcohol sanitising rinse.


Which Products Work Best?

SuperFluids is pleased to confirm that all our cleaning fluids are formulated to fight the threat of coronaviruses and other harmful strains. No matter which antibacterial cleaner or antibacterial gel you use, however, make sure you are cleaning and sanitising regularly.

We will all come through the pandemic conditions soon. However, in the meantime, it is important to stay alert and healthy. Make sure to invest in leading disinfectant spray and soap to offer your home and family the best protection against invisible threats. Buy in bulk from SuperFluids and call our team on 07762 024458 to learn more.