Save On Single-Use Plastics with Our Bulk-Buy Concentrated Domestic Products


Single-use plastics are damaging the world around us. The more plastic we use, the more harm we could potentially cause to our greenery and our oceans. However, there is a way for you to cut down on single-use plastic by making smarter choices with domestic cleaning fluids.

Here at SuperFluids, we are pleased to offer a huge range of domestic cleaning products available for bulk buy. Therefore, instead of paying for multiple pieces of plastic, you buy all the washing detergent or washing up liquid you need in one large bottle or container. Sadly, there is likely to be some need for plastic in household cleaning for time to come.

However, we can all start to do our best for the environment by purchasing bulk cleaning products such as fabric softener. This means you will purchase less plastic in the long run than you normally might!


What’s Available in Bulk Buy?

As always, SuperFluids has a fantastic range of household and domestic cleaning fluids. However, we’re always increasing the number of products we offer available in bulk containers and bottles. Therefore, if you’re keen to start cutting down on plastic, why not look at the following products and fluids through our online store?


Washing Powder Alternatives and Washing Detergent

Laundry liquid and detergent are products you are always going to need. It might surprise you how much detergent you go through every week! Why not save money and buy litres of liquid detergent in bulk with us?


Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is a necessity for many people. Alongside washing detergent, you can now buy superb, fabric-softening formulas from SuperFluids in bulk for the months ahead. You’ll save money and you’ll help to save plastic, too.


Washing Up Liquid

Ever feel like the washing up never seems to end? The last thing you will need is an empty bottle of washing liquid. With litres of washing up liquid available from SuperFluids at a low cost, you’ll make sure you always have plenty to go around.


Massive Savings Potential

We all know how much money it can cost to clean a home. For the best results, you should always make sure to have plenty of reliable detergent and liquid to hand. Otherwise, how else can you hope to cut through nuisance stains and ground-in dirt?

By buying in bulk from SuperFluids, you will benefit from incredible savings. Instead of buying small, wasteful packets and bottles from the supermarket, we can provide large bottles of liquid to last you weeks and weeks.

This means you’re never paying more than you have to for everyday cleaning. Our domestic cleaning fluids are available in a range of sizes and capacities. Why not save yourself some money while cutting down on your plastic footprint?


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